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Hi, Clickgrowth here.

We help business owners and entrepreneurs like you scale revenue through paid social, Google ads, email/SMS marketing, influencer marketing, and intelligent strategy.

WHY ClickGrowtth?​

We’re a small team of high-energy, out-of-the-box thinkers that will provide your business with high-quality services. Also, act as an extension of your team and contribute to their success.

WHY Digital marketing?​

Digital marketing is a two-way street, it lets you communicate with your customers in real-time. More importantly, it lets them communicate with you.

Why should you start today? ​

The digital revolution is in full swing, and businesses would be wise to take advantage of its many benefits.

Clickgrowth Marketing Agency strategy

Digital strategy & execution

Clickgrowth Marketing Agency Performance Creative

Performance Creative

Clickgrowth Marketing Agency Paid Social

Paid Social Advertising

Clickgrowth Marketing Agency Emails

Email and sms Marketing

Clickgrowth Marketing Agency PPC

Pay-per-click Advertising

Begin attaining your growth objectives now!

Google ads

Google Ads should not be overlooked (Search, YouTube, Shopping). If your brand needs to be on Google, we’ll plan the best placement for your ads across these major platforms. Then we’ll roll out your advertisements, track your ROI, and tweak like a caffeine-fueled Chihuahua until you’re exactly where you want to be.

Email & SMS marketing​

We manage every part of your email and SMS campaigns to help you acquire more qualified leads, nurture more sales, and keep more loyal customers, all of which help you increase your customers’ lifetime value (LTV). Our mission is to assist you in maintaining your hard-won consumers.

Performance creative

How can you have a great digital strategy without outstanding creatives? There isn’t any such thing. Every campaign we make for your business is built on high-performing creatives, such as eye-catching images and videos, convincing customer reviews, user-generated content, and more.

Paid Social advertising

We look at how our Paid Ads can improve your performance across all channels by using a holistic approach. From Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to LinkedIn and Pinterest, we provide a clear plan for scaling your account and determining which channels best correspond to your brand, audience, and product. Our work ensures that your paid channels are working as hard as possible for your business.

Influencers Marketing

It’s never been easier to create authentic branded content. Based on your business’s goals, we help you navigate the creator economy by connecting you with the best social media influencers, micro-influencers, and creators on the channels that matter most to your brand.

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What it's like to work with Clickgrowth.

Step 0: You decide you love us so much that you HAVE to work with us. (It’s both ways.)

Step 1: First, we conduct an audit to determine the areas in which we can have the greatest influence.

STEP 2: We create a plan to get us there (with offroad tires in the trunk just in case life happens).

step3: Once we have a solid strategy in place, we begin drafting creatives.

step4: Once we’ve decided which platforms to use, we’ll activate your advertising.

Step5: During this step, we’ll keep an eye on your performance and make adjustments as necessary, so you can focus on serving your new consumers.

Just a taste of what you'll get from working with us.

Super detailed, real-time Google Data Studio dashboards

By tapping into your business and audience, we can uncover insights that you may not have known were there. No problem! We love to have fun at gatherings like these!

Regular, comprehensive performance evaluations.

The first step in any journey is understanding where you've been. We check our key metrics and KPIs every month to make sure we're progressing.

True Partnership

We've discovered that our most fulfilling and effective engagements have occurred when we work as an extension of your team. As a result, we only work with a small number of businesses at once.

What our clients say

Clickgrowth works with businesses that care about their brand and are ready to grow.

We're the right fit if...

✔️ As a brand owner, you care deeply about the influence your company has on the world.

✔️ Having true creative partners is a joy to have when working on a project.

✔️ You have a great creative team that may need feedback from outsiders and tweaking.

✔️ You're already spending $3K or more per month, and you know you could be getting more out of it.

We're NOT the right fit if...

✖️ You've either lost interest in your products or are looking for a quick buck

✖️ You don't need human experts with ideas, or plans; you just need a joyless algorithm.

✖️ The experts you hire are subject to your micromanagement or doubt.

✖️ Because you've been burned out for so long, you've become known as the "Great Fire of London."


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